Valkyrie Summoning

Valkyie summoning



The Familiar of Zero Episode 2

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This earth-type spell allows Guiche de Gramont to summon a valkyrie soldier made of brass that acts individually for battle. When Guiche drops a rose petal from his rose wand, the petal allows a valkyrie soldier to emerge from the earth.


Valkyie punch

A valkyrie punches Saito.

This valkyrie can battle through hand-to-hand combat through punching its opponent, as seen during its fight with Saito Hiraga, inflicting physical pain on him. The valkyrie can be seen with a spear, but it is unknown if it can use the spear for offensive purposes.

When Saito tapped on his Gandálfr power, he was able to bisect the valkyrie into half despite its brass composition, leaving the valkyrie unusable.[1]

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  • In Norse mythology, a valkyrie is a female figure who decides who may die in battle and who may live. In accordance with this, Guiche's valkyrie can be seen having feminine features and wearing a skirt-like cloth.


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