The Paladin's Sword
Seishokusha no Ken
Episode Information
Episode Number: 3
Season: 2
Air Date: July 23, 2007
Episode Chronology
Previous: The Vow of Wind and Water
Next: The Three Vallière Sisters
The Paladin's Sword (聖職者の剣, Seishokusha no Ken) is the third episode of The Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Two Moons anime series.


When all the boys from the school leave for the war in Albion, Julio Chesaré a flamen from Romalia transfers to the school, instantly becoming popular with the girls and shows an interest in Louise. Agnès and her Musketeer Force burst into the school forces the girls out of Mr. Colbert class to train for the war. Julio challenges Saito to a fight in which the winner gets to kiss Louise. Saito receives special training from Agnès but Louise shows up and attacks Saito in a jealous rage yet again. He fights against Julio the next day with wooden swords, but Julio loses to him on purpose which angers Saito. Later, Henrietta tells them of the upcoming war with Albion and their leader, Governor Sheffield who took possession of the Ring of Andavari.


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