The Familiar of Zero Wiki has a set of established rules and general policies to guide the contributors in the wiki in editing articles and pages accurately, uniformly, and comprehensively. This is to ensure articles are written objectively, cleanly, and according to how the series has canonically transpired.

General policies Edit

  • Do not vandalise in articles. Considering that the series has been completed, edit the articles with only the correct and necessary information.
  • Do not input any racial, offensive, vulgar, or sexual remarks.
    • Despite the series being a harem genre, limit the content and images as less sexual as possible.
  • Do not create non-canonical and pointless articles.
  • Kindly treat editors with respect and neutrality.
  • Edit with objectivity — avoid subjective and opinionated edits.
  • Overall, add or edit pages within the scope of the canon series.

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