This page lists the policies and rules regarding the usage of images in the wiki.

Images Edit

  • Images should be of good quality.
    • For naming and quality uniformity, this wiki requires using PNG images.
  • Images should not have subtitles (if taken from the anime) or text in speech bubbles (if taken from the manga).
  • Images should not be edited according to personal touch.
  • If an image has low quality, it should be replaced by a similar (if not identical) image with a higher quality.

Uploading Edit

  • Do not upload duplicate images.
    • In the case of uploading a replacement file to a PNG image from a different extension file, delete the previous image when replaced with the new image.
  • Images should have proper filenames, describing the event in the picture as concise as possible while still capturing the essence of the image.
  • Do not upload inappropriate images, such as images with sexual content.

Deletion Edit

  • Inappropriate images will be deleted.
  • Images that are not added in any page or user page will be deleted.

In articles Edit

  • Images should be added accordingly and appropriately to the content of the article.
  • Images should be placed in an alternate manner (right-left-right-left and so on).
    • For articles with infoboxes, the first image should be aligned on the left, since the image in the infobox (if any) is considered to be placed on the right.
    • For articles without infoboxes, the first image should be aligned on the right.
  • Add images moderately, not excessively.
  • Proper caption should be added to images. It should end with a period (.), and the caption should be as concise as possible.
    • Captions should be in declarative form and should be objectively written.
  • No two similar images should be placed in the same article.
  • This wiki prefers not to use GIF images to demonstrate actions. Include images that capture the main "action" of the event. If not possible, a slideshow is allowed, with the captions being "Before" and "After" to show succession of the action.

In infoboxes Edit

  • Images in infoboxes should be clear and of good quality.
  • An anime image is preferred to be used in infoboxes.
    • For characters, the image should depict a clear view of the character. As much as possible, the character should be facing the front view. If the character has multiple appearances, use a tabber.
    • For items, the image should depict the item clearly and, as much as possible, without other elements that may confuse readers as to which item is being depicted.
    • For locations, the image should depict a clear view of the location. Aerial views or panoramic views of the location are preferred to be placed in the infobox.
    • For events, the image should depict the key event occurring. If there are various key events in a single event, use a tabber.
    • For spells, like events, should depict the key happening in the spell and should capture the essence of how the spell is used.

Size Edit

  • In infoboxes, the size should be 270px. Hence, make sure to upload images that is more than or equal to the 270px size.
  • For images in articles, the size should be 200px.

Gallery Edit

  • This wiki prefers not to utilise an image gallery for articles. Exceptions include showing key events of a particular event and the like.(Example) In this case, include captions that describe the events shown as shown in the images.
  • This wiki allows slideshows for action images instead of GIF images.

Tabber Edit

Images Edit

  • Images in tabbers should have similar and equivalent dimensions, not necessarily equal. This is to ensure a smoother transition without changing the relative size when viewed.
  • A tabber may be used to depict an action. This can be especially used for spells; name the captions with "Before" and "After", indicating how it is chronologically depicted.
  • For a character with multiple appearances, include a tabber to depict these aforementioned appearances. The first image should be the prevalent appearance or identity of the character. Furthermore, name the tabbers accordingly.
  • For events with multiple occasions, include a tabber depicting the key events and name them accordingly.
  • For spells with general variations, include a tabber and name the tabbers correctly.(Example)

Lyrics Edit

  • A tabber is used to show the lyrics of the music in the anime.
    • Include the romanized, English, and kanji lyrics of the song according to how it is (1) performed in the anime and (2) performed in full-length, both under different headers (as performed in the anime and as performed in full-length).(Example)

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