This page lists the category scheme to classify various articles in the wiki.

General Edit

  • Characters: [[Category:Characters]]
    • Familiar spirits also adopt this category.
  • Episodes: [[Category:Episodes]]
  • Light novel chapters: [[Category:Light Novel]]
  • Manga chapters: [[Category:Manga]]
  • Locations: [[Category:Locations]]
  • Spells: [[Category:Spells]]
  • Items and tools: [[Category:Items]]
  • Groups and organisations: [[Category:Groups]]

Multiple Categories Edit

  • Normally, pages should have only one general category. However, there are exceptions that may adopt more than one category, such as being a character and item at the same time.(Example)
  • Article stubs that need further editing and addition of information should be included with the {{Article stubs}} tag at the top of the page. They then automatically become added in the Stubs category.

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