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"Sleipnir Dance Party"

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Siesta still annoys Louise, but proposes to stop if ever Saito can locate Louise at the Sleipnir Dance Party, a ball where the participants disguise themselves by using the Mirror of Truth. At the night of the ball, Louise transforms into her sister, Cattleya, while her classmates pick knights. Beatrice and her friends chose Tiffania; Guiche chooses himself. On the way to the ball, Saito sees a dark shape that flies overhead. Thinking it is Louise, they embrace and kiss. Meanwhile, Sheffield disrupts the party, and the mirror is broken. Saito discovers it is actually Henrietta he found who impersonated Louise. They almost kiss again before Louise sees them and runs away crying. Saito chases her, but is stopped by Tabitha with Sheffield, who attacks him. Louise is confronted by Sheffield and allows herself to be hypnotized. Saito eventually defeats Tabitha, but spares her life. Saito frees Louise from the spell, but Louise's anger causes her to fall. Saito eases Louise with a kiss but are surrounded by enemies, suddenly a wave of fire magic from the large dragon shape saved them: an airship with Kirche and someone unexpected.

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Montmorency de Montmorency

Montmorency Margarita la Fère de Montmorency is a student of Tristain Academy of Magic, a water-type mage, and the girlfriend of Guiche de Gramont. Hailing from the noble family of Montmorency, she specializes in water magic. In the past, her family has forged a contract with the Spirit of Water; one day, her father brought her to Lake Lagdorian to have an encounter with the Spirit. During this encounter, it is presumed that she herself had made a contract with them like the rest of her kin.

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"Love and fire are the destinies of the Von Zerbst family. I only wish to burn in flames of love."

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