The Familiar of Zero: F
TFOZ Season 4
ゼロ・の・使い魔: F
Zero no Tsukaima: F
Genre Adventure
Season 4
Directed by Yoshiaki Iwasaki
Studio J.C. Staff
Original Run 7 January 2012 – 24 March 2012
Number of Episodes 12 (List of episodes)
Preceded by The Familiar of Zero: Return of the Princess

The Familiar of Zero: F (ゼロ・の・使い魔: F, Zero no Tsukaima: F) is the fourth and last season of The Familiar of Zero anime directed by Yoshiaki Iwasaki which ran from 7 January 2012 to 24 March 2012.


Saito Hiraga's and Louise de la Vallière's adventures continue as familiar spirit and master, and later, husband and wife. More characters are revealed such as Vittorio Serevare, Pope of Romalia and the familiar spirit of Julio Chesaré, Luctiana, a young elf, Arie, fiancé of Luctiana, and the Gensō Siblings which consist of Jack, Bleu, Jeanette, and Damien.

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