Serpent Pyrokinesis

Serpent pyrokinesis



The Familiar of Zero Episode 3

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This fire-type spell allows the user to control flame in the form of a serpent and attack a specific target. Though it is in a form of a flame, it does not ignite the attacked target on fire, unlike other fire spells. Notably, the effect of this spell is akin to a typical pound or attack on the target, enough to outbalance or overpower levitating mages.

Kirche von Zerbst once used this spell on Styx, Pelisson, Manicamp, Ajax, and Gimli on separate occasions to shoo them away. Furthermore, she was able to use this successively without the use of an incantation. On another note, this spell can be used simultaneously with multiple "serpent" flames, as seen in the case of Manicamp, Ajax, and Gimli.[1]


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