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Marteau (マルトー, Marutō) is the head chef at Tristain Academy of Magic.

Background Edit

Like the rest of the personnel at the Academy, Marteau is a plebeian in his forties.[1] It is unknown since when he has spent his time as the head chef at the Academy, but it is implied that he has been such for quite a long time, given the amount of relative respect that his younger co-workers show him.

Appearance Edit

Marteau is a tall and well-rounded man with a rather muscular built. He has blue eyes and brown hair, with matching-coloured thick eyebrows and beard. As the head chef, he wears a chef's uniform, complete with a white toque, white double-breasted jacket with rolled sleeves, pants, apron, and a red scarf draped around his neck.

Personality Edit

Marteau Saito

Marteau's liking on Saito's humility.

Marteau has a great amount of disdain for most aristocrats, especially the snobby ones. He also has a huge deal of respect for loyalty and humility; with this, he has taken a liking to Saito Hiraga and his down-to-earth demeanor, especially after his victory to a noble, leading him to call Saito as the pride of the plebeians. Despite being a commoner, he takes pride in his ability in cooking palatable meals for nobles, thought not to the extent of being arrogant.

Plot Edit

The Plebeian Familiar Spirit Edit

Marteau introduces himself to Saito, who had just won against Guiche de Gramont, and lets him eat as much leftovers as he wants. Calling him "Our Sword", he explains that he has become the pride of plebeians like him, after defeating a snobby noble like Guiche.[2]

Post-Void Day Edit

When Saito is left behind by Louise for her class with the other familiars, he encounters Marteau, who invites him to the kitchen for some breakfast. The chef also informs Saito that Siesta has left the Academy to work for Count Mott, a nobleman.[3]

Academy Summer Vacation Edit

During the summer holiday, Saito sees a giant pot and asks permission from Marteau if he could borrow it, to which the chef happily allows.[4]

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