"Louise the Zero"

(ゼロのルイズ, Zero no Ruizu)

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July 3, 2006

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"The Plebeian Familiar Spirit"


S1E1 Eyecatch

"Louise the Zero" (ゼロのルイズ, Zero no Ruizu) is episode 1 of the anime series, The Familiar of Zero.


In a world called Halkeginia, there exists a Tristain Academy of Magic. In this academy is a new class of second-years. On this day, they are being instructed on alchemy, and the teacher calls on a pink-haired girl named Louise. Everyone else in the class doesn’t want Louise to use her magic because it’s dangerous. Louise goes ahead and casts the spell, causing the stones she’s supposed to transform to light up. An explosion covers the room, knocking out the instructor. The students explain that Louise has a success rate of zero, earning her the name Louise the Zero.

The next day, the class is to participate in a summoning ceremony where each student is tasked with summoning a familiar spirit. Louise is the last one to summon something, and her spell causes another explosion. When the dust clears, there is a sleeping boy lying in front of her. Based on the boy’s appearance, the students realize that he’s a commoner. Louise wants to try again, but her teacher tells her that she can’t.

Contract servant

Louise forms a contract with her familiar.

Unable to understand the language of Louise and her classmates, the boy tries to get away, but Louise catches him by the collar. Because she has no choice but to make a contract with him, Louise kisses him on the lips. The boy goes through great pain and faints as a special rune appears on his right hand. Sometime later, he wakes up in Louise’s room. He wants her to return him home, but she ignores him and starts changing clothes. She throws them at him, telling him to do the laundry. Of course, he still doesn’t understand her language and starts trying to ask questions about who she is. She wants him to shut up, so she casts a silence spell on him. But this is Louise the Zero, so the spell results in another explosion. It actually has another side effect: the two of them are now able to understand each other.

The boy introduces himself as Saito Hiraga, and asks why he’s here. Louise explains that she summoned him, and Saito notices the rune on his hand. As Louise laments that she didn’t get a dragon or griffin, Saito runs away. He runs all the way outside, passing by Guiche and Kirche, two of Louise's classmates. Louise and the others chase after him, and it’s Guiche who uses magic to pick him off the ground and fling him around in the air. It’s during this that Saito realizes that there are two moons in the sky, meaning he is not on Earth anymore.

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