Louise Gets Rid of the Competition
Seichi no Ruīzu
Episode Information
Episode Number: 1
Season: 4
Air Date: 7 January 2012
Episode Chronology
Previous: Wings of Freedom
Next: Aquileia's Shrine Maiden

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Louise wakes up to hear Saito make perverted comments in his sleep, resulting in her blowing him up and Tabitha intervenes. Colbert arrives to tell them they and their friends have been summoned to Romalia and aboard the Ostland. Upon arriving there they meet up with Julio, and take them to the Cathedral, to where Henrietta is, and Romalia's pope Vittorio Serevare. Vittorio discloses that he knows Louise is a Void mage while also identifying himself, Tiffania, and Gallia's King Joseph as Void mages, and explains they must assemble as a group to balance their world. Julio also reveals that he is Vittorio's familiar. Vittorio asks Louise and Tiffania to join him in this endeavor by becoming his priestess' and Louise readily accepts, leading to an argument with Saito over her decision. That night, Tiffania asks Colbert to help her summon a familiar, Louise goes to investigate two suspicious people, and Siesta talks over with Saito about Louise's reason for her decision. Louise confronts the two individuals, Jack & Bleu, as they steal a mirror artifact, but she is caught. Saito arrives, so Jack battles him, allowing Bleu to escape, while below them Tiffania begins her summoning ritual. Jack is defeated thanks to Louise's magic, but Saito falls off the roof they are on and into the portal for Tiffania's ritual, coming out through the other side. The next morning, Saito tells Louise he will support her and her decision and they reconcile with a kiss, which Tiffa accidentally interrupts. Tiffania then wonders if Saito could be her familiar, while also showing signs of having feelings for him. 


Saito Hiraga

Louise de la Vallière



Jean Colbert



Vittorio Serevare

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