Halkeginia Map 1

The fictional continent of Halkeginia bears similarities to Europe.

Halkeginia (ハルケギニア, Harukeginia?) is the continent that the story The Familiar Of Zero takes place on. Halkeginia's social structure is similar to the feudal class systems of Europe in the Middle Ages, with mages being considered aristocrats. The continent itself is vaguely reminiscent in shape of western Europe, with many of the countries carrying ancient and Roman names of Europian countries.


Tristain (トリステイン, Torisutein?) is the nation in which the majority of the story takes place. It is a small monarchal country located in the northwest of Halkeginia. Tristain is similar to The Netherlands, a Small country to the west of Germany, that is quite wealthy and influencial for it's size. It is under threat from Albion. Tristain is home to a highly acclaimed magical academy which attracts students from nearby countries known as the Tristain Academy of Magic.

Militarily, the country is weak, with only a small permanent force, which forces it to make marriage alliances with other countries. The capital city is Tristania (トリスタニア, Torisutania?).


Germania (ゲルマニア, Gerumania?) is the largest kingdom in Halkeginia, and is also regarded as the strongest in terms of military might. It is regarded as a more barbaric and down-to-earth type of country, with its men considered to be brutish. Gemania is located to the northeast of Tristain. Germania is the ancient Roman for the region that is now Germany, the natives were at the time considered by the Romans to be barbarians.


Gallia (ガリア, Garia?) is another kingdom in Halkeginia, located to the southeast of Tristania. Germania is on its eastern border, in the Alden Forest. It is the second largest country in Halkeginia. Within the Gallia Royal Family, murders and assassination attempts have led to an unstable royalty. There is a city named La Rochelle in the mountains, which is a major port. Gallia is reminiscent of modern day France, which in the Roman era was called Gaul.


Albion (アルビオン, Arubion?), nicknamed the white country, is a floating island nation which is in a period of political strife. According to the storyline, a group of nobles known as Reconquista initiated a coup d'etat against the royalty, and over the course of the story, succeed in killing the entire Albion Royal Family. Cromwell, the leader of the Albion rebellion, seeks to spread his power elsewhere, and begins by attacking Tristain. Albion is the ancient Greek name for the main island of Great Britain upon which are the modern nations England, Wales, and Scotland.

Cromwell is named after the leader of the Roundheads during the English Civil War, Oliver Cromwell, who successfully ousted the Monarchy, and establishing a brief reign as Lord Protector until the return of Charles II.


Romalia (ロマリア, Romaria?) is a holy empire, located to the south of Gallia. Reminiscent of Italy, and specifically the Holy Roman Empire, which once formed northern Italy and much of central Europe.

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