Longuevuille levitation


Self levitation

(レビテーション, Rebitēshon)



The Familiar of Zero Episode 1
(Object and Person)
The Familiar of Zero Episode 3

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Levitation (レビテーション, Rebitēshon) is a basic spell that allows a mage to lift certain objects, persons, and even the self for various purposes according to will.

Variations Edit

This spell allows any object to be lifted by a mage using his/her wand mostly for convenience purposes, such as getting a towel during a bath[1] or returning a book on a high shelf.[2]

Furthermore, levitation allows a mage to control a person by lifting him/her and/or controlling a target above the ground. This is performed for capturing purposes[1] or by helping a person land safely from a certain height.[3]

A mage may also levitate himself/herself to be transported to a certain height and/or breadth without further effort and time consumed.[4]

Levitation sphere

Saito and Louise being levitated by the combined effort of Kirche and Tabitha.

Normally, a mage can use levitation on one specific target only. However, levitation can be performed as a team spell, where at least two mages may combine efforts to levitate more than one specific target. For example, Kirche and Tabitha once performed levitation as a simultaneous feat to levitate Saito and Louise at the same time and seemingly seen in a near-transparent sphere.[5]

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