Karin Désirée de la Vallière
'Karine Désirée de Maillart'
(Karin Dejire do Maiyaaru)
Karin the Heavy Wind
(Reppuu Karin)
Anime The Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Two Moons Episode 4
Voice Actors
Japanese Yoshiko Takemura
Personal Information
Gender Female Female
Hair Pink
Eyes Brown
Affiliation(s) Tristain
Duchy of La Vallière
Manticore Knights (Former)
Classification(s) Mage
Knight (Former)
Powers and Abilities
Magical Affinity Wind
Magical Level Square
Familiar Spirit Manticore
Family Duke de la Vallière (Husband)
Éléonore de la Vallière (Daughter)
Cattleya de la Fontaine (Daughter)
Louise de la Vallière (Daughter)

Karine Désirée de la Vallière née Maillart (カリーヌ・デジレ・ド・ラ・ヴァリエール・ネイ・マイヤール, Kariinu Dejire do ra Variēru nei Maiyāru) is the Duchess of La Vallière. She is the mother of Éléonore de la Vallière, Cattleya de la Fontaine, and Louise de la Vallière and the wife of Duke de la Vallière. Karin's familiar spirit is a manticore.

Character HistoryEdit

Karin with Marianne

Karin and Marianne who were then young.

When she was about fourteen, she was an acquaintance of the younger Marianne de Tristain. In this age, Karin was a knight.
Young Karin

A young Karin.

As the Commander of the Manticore Knights, Karin was rumored to be a beautiful woman despite her hiding her identity. She was then a feared leader who was considered as one of the strongest mages to serve Tristain.

As a mother of three daughters, Karin is strict and cannot tolerate any rude behaviour.

Karin at wedding

Karin at Louise's and Saito's wedding.

Karin attended Louise's and Saito's marriage together with her other two daughters.