Her Majesty, the Queen's Zero
Joō-heika no Zero
Episode Information
Episode Number: 1
Season: 2
Air Date: July 9, 2007
Episode Chronology
Previous: Louise the Void
Next: The Vow of Wind and Water
Her Majesty, the Queen's Zero (女王陛下のゼロ, Joō-heika no Zero) is the first episode of The Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Two Moons anime series.


Saito arrives in Japan on a plane and is overjoyed. Once he realizes Louise is not with him Saito cries that a world without Louise is not worth it to him. He then breaks the brake and crashes only to awake from a dream and realizes he is still in Halkeginia. He hugs Louise, grateful for her presence which embarrasses her. She explains that she's grateful and will let him sleep on her bed. The next day, she gives Saito a pair of perverted glasses that blink when he is unfaithful so she is able to beat him when he looks at other girls. The newly crowned Queen Henrietta of Tristain assigns the code name "Zero" to Louise and Saito for a mission. Saito gets locked away by Agnès due to a misunderstanding at the princess' coronation where Louise explodes, and everybody thought it was an assassination attempt. Henrietta later talks to Saito about how his legendary familiar power is necessary; after hearing Cromwell's death. When Saito and Louise are finally reunited, much to Saito's dismay, Louise cries for making him worry so much. They then embrace which the princess seems a little upset over. When they get home, Louise insists she tell Saito about the misunderstanding that Agnes mentions. When he tries to explain, she beats him. The next morning, Agnes walks in finds Saito cut and half-naked with Louise on top of him and holding a whip and messy to inform them that Henrietta has been kidnapped.


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  • First appearance of Agnes.





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