(フレイム, Fureimu)



The Familiar of Zero Episode 1

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Kirche von Zerbst

Flame (フレイム, Fureimu) is a fire salamander and the familiar spirit of Kirche von Zerbst.


Entrance Ceremony

Flame is summoned by Kirche von Zerbst during the Familiar Spirit Summoning Exam, befitting her magical affinity of fire.[1]

The Plebeian Familiar Spirit

Flame gets Saito

Flame grabs Saito by his clothes.

The day after the summoning exam at breakfast, Flame accompanies Kirche as they encounter Louise de la Vallière and Saito Hiraga, where his master teasefully mocks Louise for her runaway familiar.[2] The following day, after Kirche watches Saito win against Guiche de Gramont, Flame is ordered by his master to capture Saito. At night, Flame is waiting by the corner for him; he grabs Saito by the clothes and brings him to Kirche's room. Eventually, when Kirche is interrupted by Manicamp, Ajax, and Gimli while confessing her love for Saito, Flame blasts them off the window with fire.[3]

Fouquet Strikes

Flame exhibition

Flame and Kirche perform at the Familiar Exhibition.

Kirche practices Flame with some flamethrowing and flame dance for the upcoming Familiar Exhibition and later dotes upon the salamander. As the event commences, Flame and Kirche perform some flamethrowing like what they have practiced the day before. However, Kirche becomes downtrodden after knowing that her familiar did not win.[4]


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