(ファイアボール, Faiabōru)



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Fireball (ファイアボール, Faiabōru) is an offensive spell in fire magic that allows a mage to ignite a flame and control this flame until it sets a target on fire.

Kirche von Zerbst once used this spell in battle against Fouquet's earth golem; though it had set the golem on fire momentarily, the golem was able to fend the fires out through fanning it out with its arms.[1]

Flame, Kirche's familiar, also used this once to blast off Manicamp, Ajax, and Gimli off the window upon Kirche's orders. However, this variant does not enable Flame to chant any incantation, being a salamander familiar.[2]


  • While Louise de la Vallière attempted to perform this spell using the incantation and called it fireball,[3] Kirche von Zerbst recited the same incantation Louise had spoken, but called this spell merely as fire (ファイア, faia).[1] Whether this is a different spell or not is unknown.


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