Escape Through the Sewer
Gesuidō o Kayotte Dasshutsu
Episode Information
Episode Number: 8
Season: 4
Air Date: 25 February 2012
Episode Chronology
Previous: Elves from the Desert
Next: Tabitha's Coronation


Saito examining the fighter jet when the elves later comes to take him and Tiffania to a council to prejudice to what going happen to them, concerning they are a user of Void and Gandalfr thinking that they will bring destruction to the world. Saito tries to protect Tiffania from getting harmed and the elves without questioning comes to a conclusion to have them terminated. While being in jail, Saito also becomes Tiffania's familiar when they kiss and a rune appear on his chest. Revealing that she really did summon Saito back in Romalia. Saito and Tiffania are able to break out and try to escape underground thanks to the efforts of Arie, Luctiana, and her uncle Bidalsha. These helpers are now considered as traitors who have sided with a Void mage, Tiffania. Meanwhile, aboard the Ostland the gang flies into elves' territory, Neftes, at full speed to pass and to avoid chaos, but later gets caught by a patrol ship. Louise concentrates on her desire to meet Saito, and vice versa. Louise subconsciously cast a spell that causes a large magic hole to open for Saito, which is the escape route for them. When Louise began to faint, Saito held her hand, his newly gained familiar's power sends some of his energy to her and Saito hugs Louise. They escape and convince the elves to let them go home, with Luctiana and Arie tagging along. 


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