Fouquet's earth golem.

Earth Magic is one of the four basic elements of magic, which allows a mage to utilize and manipulate the earth according to will, and it is considered to be involved in the revitalization of all things.

In converting it to magic through the use of spells, a mage can use the earth in its different forms, including mud, rock, or brass as a medium for defensive or offensive attacks. One of the basic spells in alchemy includes converting a material into another substance according to the mage's choice. Earth magic also enables a mage to conjure summonings out of and/or made out of the earth, such as a brass Valkyrie soldier or an earth golem. A mage can also use the earth to penetrate any solid ground and enter the surface below it. Furthermore, the ground may also be converted into hands that may restrain any target person. An Earth mage may also control the density of an earth-based material such as a rock and thrust it onto any target.

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