Charming Fairy Inn

Charming Fairy Inn
(魅惑の妖精宿, Miwaku no Yōsei Yado)

Former Name

Eel's Bed Inn
(うなぎの寝台宿, Unagi no Shindai Yado)



The Familiar of Zero Episode 7

Location Information




400 years ago (Henri III's reign)




Tristania, Tristain

The Charming Fairy Inn (魅惑の妖精宿, Miwaku no Yōsei Yado), formerly known as Eel's Bed Inn (うなぎの寝台宿, Unagi no Shindai Yado), is a popular tavern located in Tristain's capital, Tristania. It was established during the reign of Henri III, and it is currently owned by Scarron.


Established during the reign of Henri III, it was known as Eel's Bed Inn, then unpopular because of its unappealing appearance. One day, the king visited the city in secret and arrived at the tavern where he was said to fall in love with a waitress. However, he gave up his love for the woman due to his rank and, instead, sent a bustier as a memento for her. The ancestors of Scarron, the current bar owner, became impressed by the story and changed the name of the tavern into Charming Fairy Inn based on the bustier that Henri III gave the waitress.[1]


Charming Fairy waitresses

Several waitresses from the inn.

The Charming Fairy Inn is well-known among residents, with waitresses, called as fairies (as a nod to the inn's name), are dressed in maid costumes and sell favours to the customers, usually serving them with wine and food. One notable customer is Chelenne, the levy collector of Tristain; when the waitresses stand up against him, he puts a huge levy on the inn, hence forcing them to entertain his needs in the tavern. Furthermore, according to Scarron, he does not ask any of his employees about their background.[2]

Charming Fairy BustierEdit

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The Charming Fairy bustier is a signature clothing item of the inn, considered to be the heirloom being passed down from generation to generation. It is the bustier that Henri III gave his apparent lover, which was enchanted with the spell Attraction probably by Henri III, as well as with a spell that changes its size to fit whoever wears it.[1] Over time, it is shown that an annual Tip Race is being held for the waitresses to compete, wherein the winner shall get the right to wear the bustier for one day along with her earnings from the race.[2]


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