Éléonore Albertine le Blanc de la Blois de la Vallière
Eleonore Profile
Anime The Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Two Moons Episode 4
Voice Actors
Japanese Kikuko Inoue
Personal Information
Gender Female Female
Hair Blond
Eyes Amber
Professional Information
Powers and Abilities
Magical Level Triangle
Significant Other(s)
Family Sandorion de la Vallière (father)
Karin de la Vallière (mother)
Cattleya de la Fontaine (sister)
Louise de la Vallière (sister)
Éléonore Albertine le Blanc de la Blois de la Vallière (エレノア・アルバーティーン・レ・ブラン・ド・ラ・ブロア・ド・ラ・ヴァリエール, Erenoa Arubātīn re Buran do ra Buroa do ra Variēru) is Louise's and Cattleya's eldest blonde sister. She inherited her father's personality, which is stronger than Louise's own personality.

Character History

Eleonore pinching Louise

Éléonore pinches Louise's cheek; this is Éléonore's typical way of caring for her youngest sister.

Éléonore is the eldest daughter of Karin de la Vallière and the Duke of La Vallière. She is very strict, especially to her youngest sister Louise, whom she looks at as a noble who cannot perform magic. She is also ill-tempered to Saito at first because he is just a plebeian. Despite her age, Éléonore was not married but was engaged to the Count of Burgundy who cancelled the supposed wedding.

Like her younger sister, Cattleya, Éléonore previously worked at Oriz Academy of Magic, but worked temporarily as a professor at the Tristain Academy of Magic as ordered by Henrietta de Tristain to teach the students how to perform magic.

Eleonore at wedding

Éléonore at Louise's and Saito's wedding.

Éléonore attended Louise's and Saito's marriage together with her mother and her other sister.


  • (To Saito) "You have no right to call me 'sister'."
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